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  • ·Translator 2013-05-21

    Job application:


    Job responsibility:

    1.Responsible for English or Japanese translation.

    2.Finish translation work assigned by your supervisor.

    3.Guarantee the quality of translation.

    4.Collect and well manage translation materials.

    5.Engaged in translation, cooperate and communicate with the members of the translation team.

    6.Attend the professional training and communication within department to improve the professional level of translation.


    1.Bachelor’s Degree or above majored in English, relevant certificate is a must.

    2.Proficient in both listening and oral English as well as excellent written translation. Have a good master of Chinese-English translation and vice verse.

    3.At least 2 years translation experience with good work ethics and nimble mind.

    4.Written translation or editing related work experience is preferred.

  • ·Project Engineer 2013-05-21

    Job application:


    Job responsibility:

    1.New project development planning, tracking, modification and controlling.

    2.Track project progress with customers and coordinate with them of product related technology.

    3.Outsourced parts delivery cycle, quality and technique control during the project primary stage.

    4.Communicate and coordinate about the tooling, mould cycle and some tech related issues.

    5.Prep at documents writing, product assembly, trial production tracking and training during the project primary stage.

    6.Tracking delivery of the sample order during the primary stage of the project.


    1.Bachelor’s Degree or above in electronics and mechanical field.

    2.At least one year work experience.

    3.Familiar with the quality management system of auto industry.

    4.Understanding of project management process.

    5.Have strong interpersonal communication skills.

  • ·Quality Engineer 2013-05-21

    Job application:


    Job responsibility:

    1.Involved in the development and trial production of the new products as well as product quality planning.

    2.Participate in solving the quality issues during the process and trace to reach standardization according to the engineering inspection criteria.

    3.Organize quality evaluation to the existing products of the quality and engineering spec, and check the conformity between the standard and the customer requirements.

    4.Supervise the manufacturing and inspection process to strictly ensure the standard operation procedure.

    5.Keep in contact with customers about the test standard and the measuring method, coordinate with customers on handling complaints.

    6.Participate in APQP, implement and trace the quality of products.


    1.Associate’s Degree in electronics or mould field required. Bachelor’s Degree preferred.

    2.Familiar with QC method and TS16949 related quality management system. Internal auditor certificate is preferred.

    3.Understand QC related process and deal with customer complaints with 8D method.

    4.Have strong communication skills, coordinating ability and excellent teamwork spirit, can work under certain pressure.

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