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Automotive air conditioning systems function type and FAQ

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Core Tip:automotive air conditioning system is to realize the inside air for cooling, heating, ventilation and air purification devices.It can provide for the ride comfortable traveling environment, reducing operator fatigue a

Automotive air conditioning system is the air inside the cooling, heating, ventilation and air purification devices. It can provide for the ride comfortable traveling environment, reducing operator fatigue and improve driving safety.Air conditioning unit has become a measure of vehicle functions are complete one of the signs.

Conditioning system function, the type and composition

There are four features of modern automotive air conditioning, any of which functions are to be passengers feel comfortable.

(A) air conditioners can control the temperature inside, both to heat the air, but also the cooling air, so that the temperature inside a control to a comfortable level;

(2) air conditioner moisture in the air can be discharged. Dry air absorbs human sweat, resulting in a more comfortable environment;

(3) air conditioner can be inhaled fresh air, a ventilation function;

(4) The air conditioner can be filtered to remove dust and pollen in the air.

Types of automotive air conditioning systems

1, divided by drive: Detached (dedicated an engine driven compressors, cooling capacity, stable, but the high cost, size and weight, and more for large and medium-sized passenger cars) and a non-independent (air conditioning compressor driven by the vehicle engine, engine cooling performance is affected by a greater impact, poor stability, and more for small buses and cars).

2, according to air conditioning performance is divided into: the first single-function type (the cooling, heating, ventilation systems each installation, a separate operation, mutual non-interference, and more for large passenger cars and trucks on) and integrated heating (cooling, heating, ventilation Shared blower duct, in the same control panel to control the work can be divided into warm and cold winds combined working air conditioning and heating thermostat can operate simultaneously mixing style. sedans and more mixed Thermoregulating).Press into manual control mode (toggle function keys on the control panel temperature, wind speed, wind direction control) and electronically controlled pneumatic control (using vacuum control agencies, elected good air conditioning function key, you can automatically at a predetermined temperature control the temperature and air volume).

3, according to the control mode is divided into: Automatic adjustment (using computational comparison circuit, the sensor signal and the preset signal control regulatory agencies work, automatically adjust the temperature and air volume) and computer controlled automatic adjustment (with microcomputer control center, to achieve car air environment for all-round, multi-optimal control and regulation).

Air-conditioning system is arranged

Different types of air-conditioning system is arranged differently. Car is currently widely used integrated heating and air conditioning system.Its layout pattern is the evaporator, heater radiator, centrifugal blower, steering mechanism, etc. are assembled together, called the air conditioner assembly. Automotive air conditioning system consists of modern air conditioning system consists of cooling systems, heating systems, ventilation and air purification devices and control system.Automotive air conditioning controller, is an automotive air-conditioning equipment control devices. Regulating automotive air conditioning system with cooling ventilation, defrost function, all equipment installed securely, control devices and control mechanism rotating flexible, operating freely, safe and reliable performance.

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