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On excavator air conditioning system design

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Core Tip:With the development of modern industrial technology, excavator manufacturing sector continued to improve, not only to achieve reliable quality products, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, but also for operating comfort requirements are also incr

With the development of modern industrial technology, excavator manufacturing continued to improve, not only to achieve reliable quality products, reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, but also for operating comfort requirements are also increasing.Air conditioning technology as excavator excavator on the application, it can create a comfortable indoor environment driving, keep the car indoor air temperature, humidity, flow rate, cleanliness, noise, and other residual pressure in the comfort of the standard range, not only conducive to protect the driver's physical and mental health, improve work efficiency and quality of life, but also for increasing the security of excavator work has a positive effect. Thus rational design, layout conditioning system for improving the operation of the comfort of great significance. According to the current state of development at home and abroad, hydraulic excavators air conditioning system has the following characteristics:

a reasonable duct layout and advanced control systems combined.

Foreign and joint ventures in the production of large excavators, uses three-dimensional air conditioning windy road, and through the control switch or outlet LCD control panel selected the location and size of the wind and has to inject new features to enhance ventilation results.In addition, in some high-end models, such as Carter's some models also have an additional storage box, the use of warm and cold air out of the wind in the summer can be used as a freezer in the winter can be used as an incubator. Meanwhile, in order to achieve the overall appearance cab, using the luxury of the outlet, not only reliable and practical, but also beautiful. Xuzhou excavator to dig XCG220LC air conditioning, for example, the machine uses three-dimensional structure of a remote air, duct layout is divided into before, during and after the three parts; rear side vents with blow back function, central air blowing foot for enhanced winter driver's foot comfort, the front side has a front air blowing, defrost function. Rear cab having a fresh air inlet. The outlet of the air volume and operating status can be controlled by the electronic control panel to adjust the corresponding stepper motor. Air bellows tube with insulation, duct resistance, and can reduce the air along the heat exchanger duct. The aircraft is equipped with electronic evaporator heater valve, through the operator control panel cold or warm wind to facilitate the realization of the switch.

advanced heat exchanger core

Excavator heat exchanger (evaporator and condenser) of the structure, material properties and the manufacturing process not only directly affects the effective use of space, but also directly affects the cooling performance, cooling and heat absorption. Therefore, foreign digging machine air conditioning heat exchangers mainly toward how to enhance heat transfer, reduce resistance and improve heat transfer and reduce quality, reduce the volume and improve the heat transfer area per unit volume of direction. In foreign countries more advanced models mainly towards stacked evaporator (plate-fin) structure direction, condensers mainly advection structure, and improved on the basis of this structure with dried liquid storage tanks, air-conditioning and other components over match. As Carter 320C, Komatsu PC2000-7, XCG XCG220LC models are adopting the structure, compared to the previous segment, tube-type structure can improve the heat transfer with exchange rate of about 10-30%. In the manufacture of materials selected on the evaporator and condenser of aluminum have been achieved, mainly due to the pursuit of light weight, while the price is relatively cheap, but also to avoid copper tubes and aluminum structure, may produce two kinds of copper and aluminum pole of electrochemical corrosion between the different materials.

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